Who I am

My name is Ryan Hunt and I'm a neighborhood and housing advocate. I have worked with
communities, local governments, and non-profits to help find ways for them to address
social and development issues together.


Our deep research backgroud helps to get a better understanding of the stakeholders.

Community Engagement

We focus on a user-centered approach in developing solutions to tough problems.

Civic Engagement

Working in partnership with cities makes a dramatic impact on the success of the project.


Having a strong design thinking background allows us to have a unique and innovative approach.


Revisiting our research methodology as the work continues allows us to be agile.


Helping to put all the moving pieces together and make a project work for all stakeholder leads to good development and better places.

What I do

As a Neighborhood Advocate, I help facilitate outreach efforts to strengthen the public
participation process in development and housing issues. I've worked with affordable
housing advocates, tenant/housing-provider exploratory committees, crime prevention
and public safety agencies to try to improve neighborhood vitality. Building a strong foundation
is an important factor of my work and necessary for increasing a city's
resilience and vitality.


Creating better places can strengthen neighborhoods, cities, and communities.


Ensuring that everyone's voices are heard is key components to good places.


Creating or capitalizing on opportunies ensure the long term health of places.


Approaching problems with a broad toolset and an open mind leads to innovation.


When people take an active roll in their communitity, they are better prepared while times are tough.


When people make an investment in their community, great things can happen.

Let's do this!